Proprietary Trading and Market Making

W.D. Latimer's professionals make markets for hundreds of securities on the TSX, TSXV, CNSX and all associated alternate exchanges. We provide liquidity and stability to securities that we cover as well as assisting in the opening and with any inquiries or anomalies. If you are interested in having a W.D. Latimer professional make a market in your security, please contact Scott Wardle or Bill Seaward (TSXV).

Institutional Agency Desk

For over 25 years, W.D. Latimer Co. Ltd. has provided clients with global, agency-only brokerage. Our international trading team is comprised of experienced professionals, providing best price and best execution services for many institutional clients around the world. Agency-only trading allows us to remain independent and avoid any conflict of interest. Our clients come first. This key principle has earned our institutional trading division the confidence of globally respected financial institutions.


W.D. Latimer provides traditional brokerage services for select private and corporate clients. Additionally, Latimer is a self-clearing broker; we offer both CDS and DTC clearing services. Please contact us for more information.